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Previous Projects Conducted

S.R. 44 Road Improvements - 2002

The field survey examined a segment of S.R. 44 in Johnson and Shelby Counties, Indiana. A total of 184 acres of land were examined during the project which documented or relocated 12 cultural resources.

Lima Airport Improvements - 2003

The survey was conducted at the Lima Airport in Allen County, Ohio. The field reconnaissance examined approximately 120 acres of ground and located six archaeological sites.

Anson Development - 2003

The Anson Development is better known as the Boone County Land Assembly project. The project was funded by Duke Realty and was part of a new trend that blended commercial, residential, and green space together in one development. About 1800 acres was examined by ACO archaeologists. And over 100 archaeological sites were located. The survey was conducted near Whitestown, Bonne County, Indiana.

Honda Plant - 2006

The Honda plant survey was conducted in Greensburg, Decatur County, Indiana. ACO archaeologists examined over 1,100 acres during the auto plant study and recorded 141 archaeological sites. Three of the sites were subjected to phase II archaeological testing.